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  • Why Helpouts Is The Greatest Breakthrough Since Adsense.
  • How To Speed Up The Approval Process.
  • How Helpouts Can Generate FREE Leads & Put Money In Your Pocket Today.

joel_commFrom: Joel Comm
Re: Google’s New Platform For Sharing Your Expert Advice!

The honest truth is, I (Joel Comm) haven’t been this excited about something since Google released Adsense. I’ve been an entrepreneur and making money online for over 18+ years now and I’ve learned a LOT about the Internet.

And one of the things I’ve learned is when people jump on-board when something is NEW, they get WAY AHEAD of the pack when it’s fully released to the world.

Looking back, people who got in early on technologies like Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Pay-Per-Click made a LOT of money and were able to grow a following early before anyone else even realized the potential.

Well It’s Happened Again…

This time Google has done it again by releasing something that will forever change the landscape of Internet Marketing. It’s called Helpouts, IT’S GOING TO BE MASSIVE, and it’s here to stay!

Helpouts is a NEW way to connect people who need help; with people who can give help over LIVE video. Regular people like you and can signup to become a helpouts instructor and CHARGE for your time by sharing your advice with others over live video (using Google’s ground-breaking Hangout Technology). This incredible NEW tool is already changing how people make money online, shouldn’t YOU be one of them?

(Official Google Video)

Google Wants To Feature You In
Their Helpouts Marketplace!

Here’s the great news. Google actually NEEDS you. They need people like YOU with information, expertise, and knowledge to fill up their marketplace and they’re willing to pay you a majority share. Not only do they give you all the tools and technology for FREE to get started BUT they will also PROMOTE you and SEND PAYING CUSTOMERS your way IF you know what you’re doing.

All you have to do is:

  1. Wait for invitation code: We’ll show you how you can SPEED UP this process in our training videos to get your code the same day you request it.
  2. Create your Helpouts Marketplace listing: We’ll teach you how to write the perfect listing so Google doesn’t REJECT you. We’ve been using Helpouts since it launched and know exactly how to get pass the filters. – (If you write the wrong type of listing, it will be marked as PENDING and it will never get approved)
  3. Schedule an Interview: Every Helpout instructor needs to go through a simple interview before they are allowed to teach in the marketplace. We’ve compiled a list of “do’s and don’ts” that we’ll give to you so you’ll know exactly how to impress your interviewer and practically guarantee your success. – (If you’re not careful and say the wrong thing, you can easily mess this up and you’ll never be approved to be a helpout instructor)
  4. Make Your Listing Go LIVE: After you’ve successful followed our advice of getting your account setup, you’ll need to make your listing GO LIVE so you can begin to make money and accept payments. (We walk you through this entire process so you’ll know exactly what to expect BEFORE you ever have your first real-world Helpout session) – Getting caught off-guard is something you don’t want to happen when you begin a helpout session.

The Helpouts Marketplace Is A Great Asset!

Unlike other opportunities to make money online, Helpouts it EASY! You don’t need ALL the traditional stuff like most internet marketers need before they can start collecting money online.

You Can Generate Leads and Make Money Without…

  • an autoresponder!
  • a shopping cart!
  • a finished product!
  • pay-per-click!
  • affiliates!
  • hosting!
  • a domain name!
  • a merchant account!
  • SEO!
  • Social Media!

Google Sends Me A TON of FREE LEADS!

Look below… These are REAL emails I’ve received from people just by
being listed in the Helpout’s Marketplace with ZERO promotion from me.

Introducing The Paid Expert Video Course

Over 36+ HD Video Tutorials Included Inside!

Since Joshua and I have been using Helpouts since they released it, we've been busy documenting our experience, creating unique ways to earn additional money from Helpouts, and we've been busy interviewing the most successful Helpout instructors.

We did all of this to create the most comprehensive course to teach people how to make money online using Google Helpouts and below you find an in-depth preview of what's included inside the private members area of The Paid Expert.

Beginning Videos

  • 1) What Is Google Helpouts?
    (Direct from Google’s mouth, learn why Helpouts was created.)
  • 2) Overview Demo of The Google Helpouts Website
    (Take a tour with us as we explain how the Helpouts Marketplace works.)
  • 3) How To Signup For Google Helpouts
    (Learn how to apply for your invitation code.)
  • 4) Technique For Getting Your Invite Code Fast – Without Waiting
    (Instead of waiting 2-4 weeks to get your invite code, learn our “special technique” to getting your account approved the same day.)
  • 5) What Is Required?
    (Let us show you what’s required and what we reccomend to use Helpouts so you can look more professional and stand out from the crowd.)

Configuring Your Account Videos

  • 6) Techniques To Writing A Great Listing
    (Learn how to write a listing that will get approved AND convert using our proven strategies.)
  • 7) Where To Properly Schedule Your Interview
    (Don’t be left “high & dry”, learn how to schedule your video interview with a Google employee.)
  • 8) Advance Tips For Getting Approved 1st Try
    (Learn our strategies for ALWAYS getting approved the 1st try when submitting a new marketplace listing.)
  • 9) What To Do If You Get Rejected
    (Let us show you our proven tactics for getting listings approved even AFTER Google rejects you.)
  • 10) Real Rejection Proof
    (Watch as we show you a REAL rejection letter direct from Google and learn the “exact reason” why they reject people’s listings.)
  • 11) After Listing Approval, What’s Next?
    (After your listing is approved, learn what to do next. This step is crucial to ranking HIGH in the Google Marketplace.)
  • 12) Demonstration of How To Go LIVE
    (Learn how to GO Live so you can start accepting payments from the hundreds of thousands of Helpout visitors.)
  • 13) Tactics For Staying In Control of Your Helpout Session
    (Learn interview and sales techniques to making sure your closing better and managing your time correctly.)

Managing Your Listing Videos

  • 14) How To Schedule Your Listing Availability
    (Learn how to rank HIGHER in the marketplace and increase your leads by adding availability to your listings.)
  • 15) How To Add A Video Intro
    (Stand out from the crowd by learning how to add a video intro into your listings.)
  • 16) Tracking Visitors To Your Listing Pages
    (Learn how you can split-test and track your listings to find out which listings are working and which are not. Top Helpout instructors don’t even know this is possible.)
  • 17) How to get a customized vanity URL on Helpouts
    (Make your listings look more professional by using a custom vanity URL with your name in it.)

Money Making Techniques Videos

  • 18) Advanced Techniques For Making Money (Part 1)
    (Learn about additional ways to earn money, learn advanced techniques for using the Helpouts platform to generate leads, make offline sales, sell affiliate products and more.)
  • 19) Affiliate Program Directory Information
    (Learn how to integrate affiliate promotions into your Helpout sessions and make extra income by referring products.)
  • 20) Advanced Techniques For Making Money (Part 2)
    (In Part 2 of this series, you’ll learn even more money making techniques to sell coaching, membership sites, ebooks/software, and high-ticket items.)
  • 21) Advanced Techniques For Making Money (Recap)
    (Make sure you take good notes as we recap the past 3 training videos in this informative video.)

Bonus Tutorial Videos

  • 22) Proven Technique For Always Getting 5 Star Reviews
    (Learn my “magic sentence” I developed that practically GUARANTEES I ALWAYS get 5 star reviews on my listing page. The better reviews you get, the HIGHER you rank in the marketplace and the more leads you generate.)
  • 23) How To Market and Promote Your Listings
    (Boost your Helpout traffic big time by using these promotional tactics that will drive hoades of visitors to your listing.)
  • 24) How To Find and Use The Listing Embed Code
    (Learn how to use the special Google Embed code to promote your Helpouts profile on other websites.)
  • 25) Learn How To 10X Your Exposure and Results
    (Here’s a technique that I’ve been using to multiply my Helpout traffic by 10. Start using this technique right now and get “grandfathered-in” before Google disallows it.
  • 26) Demonstration of The 10X Method
    (Everything taught in The Paid Expert has been tested and proven to work, see real proof of the 10X method working in this demonstration video.)

In-Call Demo Videos

  • We Take You By The Hand...

    We know how daunting it can be to learn something new. That’s why in this video course we take you by-the-hand and show you exactly how to do EVERYTHING. In these videos below, Joel Comm demonstrates the Helpout technology LIVE and teach you exactly how to use it to earn extra income online.


  • 27) Example of How To Join A Session
    (Learn from Joel and Josh as they show you what it looks like from a customer’s point of view when they engauge in a Helpout session with you.)
  • 28) How to Configure Your In-Call Settings
    (Make sure your audio and video settings are properly set to ensure the best call quaility possible during your Helpout sessions.)
  • 29) How To Use The Chatbox
    (Learn how to use the built-in chatbox feature to earn extra money from your Live Helpout sessions.)
  • 30) How To Use Screenshare and Capture
    (Learn how to use the screenshare and capture functionality during your Helpout sessions.)
  • 31) How To Use Google Drive & File Sharing
    (Learn how to earn extra money by sharing files with your Helpout attendees.)
  • 32) How To Use Remote Desktop
    (Learn how to control someones computer remotely in this video lesson.)
  • 33) How To Enable & Use The Helpout Toolbox
    (Learn how to enable and use the helpout toolbox app to customize your video stream and make yourself look more professional.)
  • 34) How To Stream YouTube Videos Using The App
    (Learn why sharing YouTube videos can be an important technique to convert your Helpout attendees into PAID customers.)
  • 35) How To Use Doodler & Google Effects
    (In this fun video with Joel and Joshua, you’ll learn how to use the doodler app as an effective mind-mapping tool and brainstorming tool (great for online coaching) and how to use the google effects tool to have some fun with your Helpout customers.)
  • 36) Course Recap
    (Wrap up this course with Joel and Joshua as they give a quick recap of The Paid Expert.)

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